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DIY Mason Jars for the 4th

I wanted to make some centerpieces with the mason jars and other craft supplies I have on hand for the Fourth of July.  If you have seen my Pinterest boards, you know I love love love mason jars!  I could write an entire post on how fabulous they are, but I will save that for another time.   I especially like that they are so versatile for decorating.

I gathered these items from my craft supplies…(mason jar, glass stones, a small votive holder).

I wanted to create some height in the jar because I will be using tea lights, so I put in the smaller glass candle holder upside-down into the mason jar.

Then I layered the glass stones into the jar by color. Then I placed the tea light candle on top of the smaller candle holder.

I added a ribbon on the outside,

This is how it looks lit.

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