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High School Graduation Gifts on a Budget

Graduation season is here!   We happily receive announcements of friends and family that are graduating from preschool to high school.  While I wonder, how does it all happen so fast?  I am also thinking, how can I acknowlege them all? While I realize that the gift of money is probably the most popular (and maybe desired), my budget is telling me to look for other options.

Most of the announcements I received this year are for high school graduations.  I thought I would share with you some other gift options that are still very useful and all the suggestions are less than $15.

  • Journal book – for their notes, action items, with a sentiment written inside
  • Travel Mug – with some coffee, tea or hot chocolate packets
  • Books – a finance  or cookbook (or a local guidebook if recipient is going away to college)
  • Framed Inspiration – take a favorite quote or inspiring poem and frame it
  • Tote or sports bag – people always need these
  • Gift Bag – with highlighters, post-its and supplies from the dollar store
  • Advice Jar – collect advice from friends and family on index cards and put them all in a jar to send off with the student

What are your suggestions for non-cash graduation gifts?

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