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Brain Basket

I am preparing a Mothers’ Day gift for my mother this weekend.  She is in her eighties and her doctor has recently recommended that she keep her brain challenged and active.

When I visit my mother, we often will make cards or scrapbook, but when she is not with family or friends, it is just her and my dad.  I wanted to give my mother something different than the usual clothing and flowers this year, so I decided I wanted to make her a “Brain Basket”.

I picked up some brain teaser books:


A combination game set:

Then some snacks (because all that thinking makes you hungry):


And put it all together in a shoe box to look like this:

Hopefully, my mom will enjoy it.  These items really good for any age, they come in a variety of age-appropriate levels.  Here are some items that might be good for a Brain Basket:

  • Cards
  • Crossword/Word Search
  • Suduko
  • Bible/Bible Study books
  • Hand-held brain teasers
  • Wii games
  • DS with brain games
  • Journal
  • Checkers/Chess
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Playing cards
  • Magazines
  • Biography/History Books
 The entire gift cost about $20 to put together.  I hope she likes it!
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