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Checking out the LA Fashion District

The other day, my friend Laura and I went to explore the Los Angeles Fashion District.   When I was a little girl, it was called the garment district and I used to go there to shop for jeans with my mom.   Today the fashion district is 100 blocks of fashion and textiles sold at discount prices.  So I am sharing our adventurous day with you.

First, we wore comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes.   Most of the stores have changing rooms, but if you have a t-shirt on, sometimes you can just throw something on top of it to see if it will fit.   The stores take debit and credit cards, so it isn’t necessary to bring a lot of cash.

Before we headed out, we printed out a map of the area.  There are lots of places to park your car, but if you have a large car and a small car, I would suggest taking the small car.  They stack the cars and the parking stalls are kind of tight.

We decided to focus our visit on Santee Alley.  It is really an alley that looks sort of like a bazaar and a swapmeet from the alley, but like boutique shops once you are inside.  This is what the view looks like from the alley.












It doesn’t look that special from the outside.  Once inside the stores, they look like this:















The prices were pretty reasonable.

It was a great place to get inexpensive sandals, and oh the selection!












One of the best buys had to be these scarves, can you see the prices? Yes, it says 3 for $10.  If you know me, you know I love scarves.  (See how I organize them here).










That day, I ended up with two dresses, two tops and a couple of scarves.  We had a great time and our feet hurt from all the walking.  We will have to check out the other blocks another day.   If you want more information on the Los Angeles Fashion District, there is a very informative website with a map and directions here.  Do you have a favorite discount shopping area?  Please share!

Discovering DownEast Basics

Recently I had the opportunity to check out a store that I had never been to before. I am a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to clothes shopping. I tend to find stores I like and only go back to those same stores. I like to wear comfortable clothing that I can dress up or down. I work in a professional office, so the garments have to look neat and stylish, but not too trendy. I also like a streamlined closet so it is important that my clothing be suitable for work, social functions and casual weekends.

DownEast Basics is a new favorite of mine.

Their clothing easily complemented what I had in my closet.

Cute casual tops!

Their styles could take me from a casual coffee date to a social event with a change in shoes and jewelry.  The other factor I appreciated was that their prices were very reasonable.

In fact, that week most of their skirts were just $25.  I added three skirts to my wardrobe (here are two of them).  With a cardigan or blazer and a pair of heels, I can be work-ready.


DownEast Basics was hosting an event the evening I visited and there was a gift card in the gift bag that I did not use that night.  I will definitely go back again.  They have stores in the southwest and there is an online and by mail catalog available.  They also have girls clothing and accessories.   This post was not sponsored and I am sharing my personal opinion.  Check out their blog here. They are having another sale!  Be sure to stay tuned the upcoming closet organization project I will be sharing soon!

What is your favorite store to shop for clothing? Please share!



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