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Decorating Mini Pumpkins

Today I am decorating some little pumpkins using decorative tape and scrapbook stickers.
I have a lot of scrapbook supplies from my scrapbook days (now I do a lot of it online).

First I picked up some miniature pumpkins from the market.
Here they are undecorated.

I just cut the tape and the borders to size and adhered them to the pumpkins.

Here is the after shot.  It took me about 20 minutes and makes a great craft for kids and anyone really, that is not too messy (read paint, glitter, etc.)  It’s officially here on Saturday! Are you excited for fall?

Decorating for Fall

So I am getting ready to decorate my house for fall.  I purchased two small bag of leaves from a craft store and I wanted to share a few things I did with them to make the house ready for the season.

I found a glass container and a store bought candle,

I put the candle in the container, then added leaves around the outside of the candle container.













Please keep in mind that all the leaves are well below the flame level.

Next, I tied a brown ribbon around my bath towels,











Then I took a few leaves and stapled them to a twisty tie (you know the kind you get with trash bags or from the produce section?












then secured the stapled leaves to the ribbon with the twisty tie for a nice autumn touch in the bathroom.

Next, I took a few leaves that were left and laid them around a bowl of apples.  Now it feels a little more like fall, at least inside the house.  I hear cooler weather is coming soon.

Next, I am going to add pumpkins.  Have you used leaves for decorating?

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