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Thanksgiving Holiday – Make it Memorable

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, I am planning my Thanksgiving dinner menu.  I have been hosting Thanksgiving for my family for over 20 years.  We have hosted in different locations and states due to our moving around a bit, but each one is special.  I still remember my first turkey in our first home 27 years ago.

The day takes so much planning and work, and before you know it, the day is gone and we are pouring over the Black Friday ads.  What I wanted to share with you are a few things that I have found that can make Thanksgiving dinner a little more memorable.

  • Thankgsgiving Leaves – Have each family member write or say what they are thankful for this year on a leaf.  Be sure you add the year to the leaf and use the leaves to decorate your holiday table.  You can laminate the leaves and bring them out each year.   The number will grow each year, but it is nice to see that happen.  I recommend using cardstock as it does not fade as easily as construction paper.

  • Photos – Be sure to take a photo of the table and the people that are at your dinner.  I know that if your family is like mine, they may groan a bit, but trust me, later you will be glad you did.  I keep a scrapbook of holidays with the photos from over the years.
  • Decorations – Get the kids involved in decorating placemats, making decorations and place cards.  I still have some decorations that the kids made years ago.
  • Activities – Play games or go on a walk together, or better yet do both.  Make a tournament and get the kids involved in the preparation.  Our family plays Bingo every year and the winner gets a scratch off lottery ticket.  No one has ever won anything substantial, but that does not really matter.  It is a great time to have some fun and play!

What are your family’s Thanksgiving Traditions?

Decorating Mini Pumpkins

Today I am decorating some little pumpkins using decorative tape and scrapbook stickers.
I have a lot of scrapbook supplies from my scrapbook days (now I do a lot of it online).

First I picked up some miniature pumpkins from the market.
Here they are undecorated.

I just cut the tape and the borders to size and adhered them to the pumpkins.

Here is the after shot.  It took me about 20 minutes and makes a great craft for kids and anyone really, that is not too messy (read paint, glitter, etc.)  It’s officially here on Saturday! Are you excited for fall?

DIY Wall Art

A few weeks ago, after searching for artwork for her apartment, my daughter could not find the right painting at a reasonable price.  So she decided to make her own.  She came over to our house and bought some canvas and some acrylic paint at the craft store.  The paint colors were chosen to match her apartment decor.

First she took a blank canvas and started sponging the first color.












Then it was time for the other colors












until the entire canvas was covered.











Next, she took some black and white paint for contrast, and added some features.  In this case, a fleur de lis and some flowers.









Then we set the painting outside to dry.  This is the finished product:









It came out really nice and is the perfect color scheme for her apartment.  It also did not cost a lot.   It inspired me to try to paint something too, I will let you know how it goes.  Have you painted before?

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