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Holiday Shopping Made Easier

I found a great app for my phone to help organize my holiday shopping list.  The app allows you to make a list of people you want to include on your gift list and set a budget for each.

With The Christmas List app, you add people to your list and you can even assign them to groups such as family, friends, and work and then assign a budget for each group.

Here is an example of my groups.

Once you have your list of groups, you can assign budgets for each person.  In this example, I allocated $75 each to my husband, daughter and son.

You can add the person’s photo and even add from your phone’s contact list or use the festive icons that are already on the app.

Ok, seems simple enough, but what I like best about the app is that I can set a budget, snap a photo of gift ideas and even track how far I am in my gift buying process.  This comes in handy because not only does it help you see how much shopping you have left, but it helps you keep track of spending.  You can even view gifts by store if you know where to find the gift.

So let’s say I found a cute jacket for my daughter at Costco for $50.  I can snap a photo and log it into my app.  If I add other items from this same store, I can view the list while I am in that store.

What I like best about this app, is that I can add to this list any time during the year if I happen to see something that would make a good gift for someone on my list.  Then if I buy the gift early, I will have it tracked so that I do not forget months later that I already bought a gift for someone.

The app has a passcode lock in case you have kids that might peek.  This app is only $.99 and is available for the iPad, iPhone and iTouch.

Do you use an app to help you with your holiday shopping?


Today I want to share with you a new app I just downloaded for my phone.  The name of the app is Vivino.  This app is designed to help you make notes on wine you have tasted and enjoyed.  You simply scan the bottle label and the app lets you rate it and add notes.  Now, I really need this because I want to remember wines that I have had and I really do not have a good place to make notes.   I have saved a couple of wine labels in the past, but I have no idea where they are now so this is great for me.  It is also very easy to use and just takes a couple of minutes at most.

For example, here is a bottle of one of our favorites.  It is a wine from the Orin Swift Winery in Napa Valley called The Prisoner.

Once I scan the bottle with my phone, the app does this:

I rated it four stars and can add more notes if I want.  It will tell me how it ranks overall within the United States and within its region.   This would have come in really handy the other evening when I was at this place.

The app claims that it recognizes 500,000 wines and also lets you connect with you friends on Facebook.   This pretty much eliminates having to guess what some of your friends would love for a present doesn’t it?   On their website, you can see peoples notes from all over the world which is also pretty cool.

The best part is the app is free and is available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and the iPad.  However, you must be at least age 17 to download the app.

How do you keep track of beverages and dishes you enjoy?

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