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Online Blog Conference

Recently, I participated in my second blog conference.  What made this one unique is that it was online.  The Online Blog Conference was a 3 day long conference that took place on my computer, my tablet and my phone.

I signed up for this conference for the following reasons:

  • no travel expenses
  • no hotel expenses
  • fits with my time schedule
  • great guest speakers
  • presentations are online so I can print out what I learn
  • I could have my dog with me (ok, not a reason, but he was with me at times)

The fun actually started last month when the online Facebook group was created. There were activities and contests and through our interaction over the last month, I have made some great connections with new blog friends and still chat and visit several daily.  Blog meetups also took place and the one that I am going to is coming up next week.

At this online conference there were discussions and presentations on many topics including:

  • blogger platforms
  • social media
  • link parties & blog hops
  • copyright
  • photography
  • posting
  • balancing blogging and family
  • blog design
  • working with sponsors

The bottom line is that this conference was so informative that I am still digesting it all.  The cost for this conference was less than the cost of a week worth of Starbucks and was so worth it!

Thank you to the Speakers: Jessica from How Sweet It Is, Christi from Love From The Oven, Shelly from Cookies & Cups, Camille from Six Sisters’ Stuff, Nikki from Chef in Training, Lexie from voiceBoks, Jamielyn from I Heart Nap Time, Kristyn from Lil’ Luna, Stephanie from Somewhat Simple.

Thank you to the sponsors Silpat, Simply Sweet Creations, Kitchen Meets Girl, My Memories, Vint Print, Six Sisters Stuff, Hello Love Designs and Hello Love Too, Kitchen Kneads, Naptime Creations, Pearlsand Petals, Primula, William Bounds.

But I especially want to give a big thank you to Dorothy from Crazy for Crust and Ashton from Something Swanky who were amazing and seemed to be present all hours of the day and night.

Thank you for an amazing time ~ Hugs,

Easy Garlic Bread

This weekend I made some simple cheese bread to go with some pasta.  Sometimes I make this with garlic and sometimes without, just to change it up.  It is a great alternative to rolls with dinner.  All you need are these simple ingredients (plus minced garlic which I forgot to put in the photo):

French rolls


Minced garlic (prepared or flakes)

Parmesan Cheese, shredded

Salad Supreme spice mix

Take your sandwich rolls and slice in half.  Coat with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Then spread minced garlic or sprinkle dried minced garlic.  Then sprinkle with shredded parmesan cheese.

Add a sprinkle of Salad Supreme (it is with the spices in your market’s spice section).

Bake at 375 oven for about 6-8 minutes until cheese is bubbly.

Serve as is or cut in half.  The flavors come together with the spices and makes a nice complement to soups, pastas and salads.



Today I want to share with you a new app I just downloaded for my phone.  The name of the app is Vivino.  This app is designed to help you make notes on wine you have tasted and enjoyed.  You simply scan the bottle label and the app lets you rate it and add notes.  Now, I really need this because I want to remember wines that I have had and I really do not have a good place to make notes.   I have saved a couple of wine labels in the past, but I have no idea where they are now so this is great for me.  It is also very easy to use and just takes a couple of minutes at most.

For example, here is a bottle of one of our favorites.  It is a wine from the Orin Swift Winery in Napa Valley called The Prisoner.

Once I scan the bottle with my phone, the app does this:

I rated it four stars and can add more notes if I want.  It will tell me how it ranks overall within the United States and within its region.   This would have come in really handy the other evening when I was at this place.

The app claims that it recognizes 500,000 wines and also lets you connect with you friends on Facebook.   This pretty much eliminates having to guess what some of your friends would love for a present doesn’t it?   On their website, you can see peoples notes from all over the world which is also pretty cool.

The best part is the app is free and is available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows phones and the iPad.  However, you must be at least age 17 to download the app.

How do you keep track of beverages and dishes you enjoy?

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