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I Have Moved


I hope this post finds you well.  During this time of thankfulness I want to thank you for following this blog.  I have recently changed blogging platforms.  I am still on WordPress, but now I am on  Wordpress is not able to move my blog followers, so if you were following me on this platform, and you want to continue following, you must go to the new site and re-follow.  I hope that you will do this.  I have a lot planned for the coming months and I would love for you to be a part of it.

Thank you for your support!

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Thank you for your support!

Thanksgiving Countdown

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend.  We went to see Skyfall and if you are a James Bond fan, you will not be disappointed.  Today  I am busy working on finalizing my Thanksgiving menu my Thanksgiving To Do list items.   I am sharing my list of things that I have to do to get dinner on the table next Thursday.

This week:

  • Borrow chairs/card tables for extra guests
  • Clean out cupboards and refrigerator
  • Finalize menu and create a shopping list
  • Review market ads for best prices
  • Wash tablecloth, napkins, towels
  • Pick up turkey
  • Clean house, carpets
  • Finalize Thanksgiving day activities
  • Buy ingredients, drinks, game prizes (see here)

Early Next Week

  • Defrost turkey
  • Pre-prepare food (wash salad items, prepare desserts)
  • Wash servicing dishes & set out
  • Set the table, including decorations
  • Touch up house
  • Chill drinks


  • Cook, enjoy my family, play games, watch football and review the Black Friday Ads

Did I leave anything out?

Pumpkin Blondie Bites

Today I am sharing a recipe from my dear friend Katia. Katia and I have a lot of fun when we get together. I think our favorite thing is probably is hitting the outlet malls together (especially the shoe stores). But today’s post is about a fun pumpkin dessert that is easily made from a mix. Her daughter has food allergies, so she modifies ingredients for her.

This recipe is for Blondie bars with a Pumpkin twist. It starts with a Trader Joe’s Blondie Bar mix.

 Pumpkin Blondies

1 pkg. Blondie Bar Mix
1 egg (or egg substitute)
1 stick butter (or butter substitute)
1/2 15 oz can pumpkin
Hershey’s chocolate syrup

Prepare mix in a bowl with egg and butter.  Since Katia’s daughter is allergic to eggs and dairy, Egg Replacer and Earth balance “buttery” stick bars were used as substitutes for the eggs and the butter.  Both of these substitutes work great in recipes.

Mix ingredients together and add half of a 15 oz can of Libby’s canned pumpkin.

Bake as directed in a 8 x 8 inch square pan.

Let cool and cut the bars into approximate 1″ squares and drizzle with Hershey’s chocolate sauce.

Do you use substitutes for food allergies when you bake?